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Kanagawa, Japan

The detached house is built as a demonstration experiment of the design and construction process of wooden houses to verify the effectiveness of BIM, cloud CDE (Common Data Environment) and ECI (Early Contractor Involvement).
Since the house is expected to be used for multiple purposes such as development camps and various events, the area of the ground floor is maximized against complex-shaped building site while still keeping rectangular spaces inside.
The west side of the staircase at the center is a compact living space, and the east side is a large garden-like space that can be used in various ways. The spaces with different floor and ceiling levels are loosely connected by earthen floor and staircase to make the spaces usable individually and as a whole.

Use: House (Demonstration Experiment)

Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development, Site Supervision

Collaborated: DN-Archi (Structure), Hashiuchi Landscape Design (Landscape), Haseman (Construction), Keio Research Institute at SFC (BIM Management)

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