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Tokyo, Japan

“Park City Hamadayama” is a multi-residential district that settles on a rich historical housing development called “Mitsui Hamadayama Ground”. More than 70 years since the “Mitsui Hamadayama Ground”, about 2,000 trees were planted, as well as the superimposed cherry trees
within; a rich and lush garden is created, and is opened for everyone.

F Building is a low price residential building located between midhigh-rise residential buildings and detached houses that is for sale. The concept for the overall site planning is the idea of “Art & Crafts”, using materials and textures that are able to last for at least 100 years. With this concept and careful selection of materials and texture, a feeling of luxury mansion and its dialogues between the houses and surrounding can be created.
First, with total of 3 fl oors and 25 units, 3 main entrances were provided, dividing the long walls into segments, and at the same time creating a more private entering space for the residents. Within the building, voids were inserted into the space for bringing light and wind into the living spaces, and even possible, into toilets and bathrooms.

In public spaces, louvers were used to correspond with cherry trees; spacious furniture in the scale was carefully chosen to match the natural stone and terrain. Bringing nature into architecture, and making them into one.

Use: Collective Housing

Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development (Exterior and Common Areas), Design Supervision

Collaborated: Mitsui Fudosan Residential, Jun Mitsui and Associates Architects, Kajima Corporation, and others

​(Photo: Kajima Corporation)

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