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Minami Sanriku, Miyagi, Japan

There has been a vital need for improvements in the environments of temporary housing after the Great East Japan Earthquake, there have also been a number of requests for public bathing facilities. Instead of bathing privately, many local residents wish to bathe in spacious baths communally. A public bathing facility was anticipated to encourage the strengthening of bonds within the community.

The Minamisanriku Veneer House was designed and constructed as the first phase of a public bath project with its objective to serve as a casual gathering space for local residents. Using veneer boards made from local forest thinnings and assembled by amateurs. It demonstrates a unique construction method which is simple, fast, cost-effective, and contributes to both the local industrial development and environmental improvement.

This construction method is easy to build and can also be disassembled and relocated, making it suitable for disaster sites and urgent or temporary building demands. Construction time can be further reduced by prefabricating building components.

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