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Shiga, Japan

For the demented elderly, a large nursing home made in reinforced concrete is not always the best place to live for their end-of-life.


We designed ‘Sakura-no-Banba (Place of Cherry Blossom)’ by mimicking an old folk house type, ‘Yogo style’, originated from the local climate and lifestyle, where the users can send their lives as they did at their young age. Yogo style has a characteristic in its structure; a set of cross-beams softly divides space into four for flexible use of the house.

Following the local house style allows us to make a house for the community which fulfills required function of the senior home and makes users feel comfortable.

Use: Senior Daycare Center

Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development, Site Supervision

Collaborated: A.S.Associates (structure) 

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