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Shichigahama, Miyagi, Japan

The Shichigahama Veneer House is a temporary beach pavilion built to celebrate the reopening the Shichigahama Beach 5 years after its destruction in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Its simple half cylindrical shape is made up of only 5 different types of components, allowing for a fast and easy construction process.

The pavilion is only used for a few weeks in the height of summer, so it will be erected and disassembled each year. The beach pavilion accommodates functions including a concert venue and a temporary café. The simple foundation and light weight frame reduces the storage, transport, and construction costs associated with previous pavilions made of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber).

This temporary Veneer House fits the need of the summer festivities at Shichigahama, but it also helps the community to heal and recover part of what it lost in the devastation of the disaster.

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