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日本 大阪

The low-rise 3-story office building is located on the edge of an industrial zone right next to a residential area, facing Route 171 to the West and Hankyu Kyoto Line to the South. The large project site, which formerly was used for client’s factories, had been closed for a long time. New building and landscape are designed to make it open and (re-)connected to the town, at the same time to provide park-like open workplace experience throughout.

Use: Office

Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development Supervision, Site Supervision Cooperation

Collaborated: KAJIMA DESIGN (Architecture), Arup (PM/Structure/MEP/Lighting), Landscape Design (Landscape), ILYA (Interior), Kajima Corporation (Construction)

Consultants: Rian Ihara Design Office (Signage Design), Takagi Shuta Office (Facade Design Programming)

​(Photo: Hiroyuki Tsuda, SS Osaka Co.,Ltd)

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