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2009 (Competition)

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Pop Music Center (TPMC) is a place where cutting edge Pop music is created and eagerly watched by the world music scene. Spaces with complex functions such as indoor main hall, outdoor performance space, hall of fame, shops, offices, and live houses are combined just as pop music combines the keynotes to form the basis of the piece. Like the introduction of improvisation into Jazz, musical innovation is always born when the conventional rules of composition are broken. The Taipei Pop Music center reflects this moment of innovation by illustrating the staff in musical notation and twisting it off the page and into space. Just as jazz musicians in the fusion and cross over styles improvise to create new music, the functions of the complex interact with each other spatially, creating places that prompt people to react in the same manner; overlapping, surrounding, to give all the people present the feeling of inter-relativity and creativity.

Use: Mixed-Use

Scope: Competition

Collaborated: Nikken Sekkei, Arup

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