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Kyoto, Japan

Located in the central part of Kyoto, a commercial district where banks and department stores gather, while having one of the most famous markets next to it, the market is called Nishiki Market, or Kitchen of Kyoto. It is a luxury apartment located in the center city area.

From exterior design to common space areas, as well as model room for selling purpose, the idea of traditional beauty of Japan is incorporated throughout the design process, from Schematic Design to Design Development. Instead of intimidating the Japanese style, original of beauty of Traditional japan is embedded, Japanese’s unique way of Hospitality.
The use of warm color materials such as marble and wood, along with semi-transparent cloth, helps to reduce the number of overall colors in space, with sharp but minimum details, a modern space is created.

Most importantly, traditional Japanese papers that are dyed using the Yoshioka-Style are used for wallpaper and interior decorations, creating a very specific language for the space. With high commitment and customized materials, like a piece of art that can’t be found elsewhere, create the most original and highest quality and living standard.

Use: Unit Modelroom for Condominium

Scope: Schematic Design, Design Supervision

Collaborated: Toyo Sekkei

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