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Shanghai, China

The project is a complex of hotel, hotel-serviced apartment, and retail programs. It is the Eastern frontage of one large block development, of which the major portion of the West is luxurious residential area.
The design was developed under two major concepts; “relationship with nature and city environment” and “town composition within the block”, which grew into an unique spatial composition of multiple patios opening up to the outside corresponding to the way they are facing, broad green axis connecting the residential and commercial areas, and traditional patterned aluminum screens featured throughout the entire facade emphasizing the project’s unity as a lively town.

Use: Mixed-Use (Hotel & Retail)

Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development, Site Supervision

Collaborated: Tsushima Design Studio, ACO Architects and Consultants, studio on site (landscape), LIGHTDESIGN (lighting), ujidesign (signage)

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