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Considering the environmental problems that have grown into a global scale, the quality of forests and their growth has recently been called into question. However, despite our nation having almost 70% of its land covered with forests, they are not being utilized efficiently. The decline of forestry and wood culture based on wooden houses are signifi cant. Under such conditions, a new liquid treatment which drastically reduces the rate of combustion of wood is being developed. Assuming that this non-combustible technology will acquire the special approval of 2 hour fire resistance by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, this project explores the possibilities of wooden architecture that follows the Building Standard Law.


Shear-wall structure made completely out of LVL panels allows a maximum 14-story high wooden building. By adopting traditional Japanese timber construction for panel joints, we aspire to transcend existing panel construction techniques that rely on metal joints. As Japanese traditional five-story pagoda demonstrates, such high-rise wooden buildings have the ability to reduce seismic forces through its flexibility and lightness. Furthermore, using wooden panels to the interior will enable us to utilize its humidity absorption properties. LVL panel’s feature of providing structure, insulation, and finish leads to the reduction of time and cost of construction. Thus, here we aspire to create new wooden architecture by combining traditional wooden architectural wisdom and new technology.

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