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Hyogo, Japan

Overlooking the Kobe port, the building facade, like the shining surface of the ocean, displays various expressions according to changes in light. Vertical fins, which cover the upper portion of the building reflect sunlight and cast shadows, giving the facade a sense of allure while moderating the weight of the building mass. The lower portion of the building features a sequence of stone walls and glazing which both creates harmony with the site’s surrounding historical context and provides transparency, creating a sense of openness for its commercial occupants. The two parts of the building while distinct are unified through a shared architecture language. Both the expression of verticality and color of materials, ensure the unity of the building. The design of the building envelope is intended to provide a variable facade which changes with environmental conditions and an elegant look, which reflects the regional and historical characteristics of Kobe City.

Use: Mixed-Use (Hotel & Retail)

Scope: Design Supervision

Collaborated: Takenaka Corporation, A.N.D. (Hotel Interior)

(Phtoo: Taizo Furukawa)

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