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Tokyo, Japan

Public area renovation for a thirty-year-old collective housing facing broad greenery of Aoyama Cemetary. Theme here was to add new value to existing structure and create a design basis for next 50 years, while inheriting memories of the existing beloved building.
On exterior, approach to the entrance is made longer on purpose by adding a new layer walls of stone and cast metal combination, decorated with three-dimensional landscape. This creates a cranking approach often seen in traditional Japanese architecture, that continues to interior space where, with glass arts installed by an artist Mr. Ikko Itabashi, harmonious sequence of beauty and comfort is created.

Use: Collective Housing (Renovation)

Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development (Exterior and Common Areas), Site Supervision

Collaborated: Mitsui Fudosan Reform Co., Ltd., Uchihara Creative Lighting Design (lighting), Ikko Itabashi (glass art)

​(Photo: Mitsui Fudosan Reform Co., Ltd.)

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